Wyoming Valley Church Devotional Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Wyoming Valley Church in Wilkes Barre, PA.

February 13th, 2019    

Shields Up!: Remembering Salvation

We all need to actively remember something important from time to time. But nothing could be more so than our salvation and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. In this episode we will discuss how the devil seeks to take our attention away from Jesus and our salvation and what we can do to combat his attacks. Blessings!


February 6th, 2019    

Shields Up!: What Ifs

The devil loves using "What Ifs" to deceive us and move us off the path of following Christ. We will look at 7 "What Ifs" the devil seeks to tell Christians and how we can stay secure to the Word of God and God's promises for us. Blessings to you!


January 30th, 2019    

Shields Up!: Neglecting Scripture

Why do we often neglect Scripture? You may have heard the old adage "The devil made me do it". In this case, there is actually some validity to that. Of course we still make the ultimate choice and the responsibility is ours. But we will look at how the devil seeks to move us away from Scripture by using several "justifiable excuses". We'll explain this... Hope it's a blessing to you!


January 23rd, 2019    

Shields Up!: The Devil’s Subtle Attacks

How does the devil lie to us? What are his approaches as a deceiver? You may not be surprised that he takes a subtle approach to many of his attacks so that we're not aware that we're actually being lied to. In this episode, we'll discuss how the devil attacks us and look a specific instance from Matthew 8 in which Jesus' disciples were attacked. Hope this strengthens your soul today and that we all get our Shields Up! Blessings!


January 16th, 2019    

Shields Up!: The Value of God’s Word

We start a new podcast series called "Shields Up!" as we look at the devil's rebuttal to what we learned this past Sunday from the Word of God. Seeking to combat the devil's lies and deceptions, we need to know and listen to God's truth and to value His Word above anything else. Hope this blesses you!


January 9th, 2019    

Sermon Extras: The Greatness of Eternal Life

In our last podcast from the book of 1 John, we'll discuss the significance of Jesus being our Eternal Life and what it would look like if we didn't have Him. I hope it blesses your soul!


January 2nd, 2019    

Sermon Extras: Confident Praying

Do you need confidence in life? How about in the Christian life? How about in prayer? We have great news for you if so. The Lord wants us confident people and He is here to answer our requests! We'll discuss why we should have confidence when praying and even for the Day of Judgment all because of Jesus Christ. Blessings!


December 19th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: The Gift of Humility

We celebrate Christmas time by looking at a present we receive from Jesus - it's humility. We'll explain why this gift is so valuable to us and hopefully be inspired to also give this gift to the Lord and others. Blessings to you this Christmas season!


December 12th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Is fear a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it depends on what type of fear it is and for what purpose. But as we'll discuss, ideally all fear should and can be replaced with love - God's perfect love for us and our love for Him. We'll discuss why perfect love casts out fear. Hope it's a blessing!


December 5th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Confidence

Sometimes the hard truths of God's Word tastes bad initially, but once we realize the purpose for them, they become sweet to the mouth and heart. 1 John is full of blunt truths that seem harsh, yet they're given to us for the sake of eternal confidence. We'll explore this idea. Blessings!


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