Wyoming Valley Church Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Wyoming Valley Church in Wilkes Barre, PA.

December 5th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Confidence

Sometimes the hard truths of God's Word tastes bad initially, but once we realize the purpose for them, they become sweet to the mouth and heart. 1 John is full of blunt truths that seem harsh, yet they're given to us for the sake of eternal confidence. We'll explore this idea. Blessings!


November 30th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Certain Victory

What if victory was certain? What if we always won? In this world, that may be a bad thing, but in the Christian life, that would be a huge blessing. We'll discuss why we will have certain victory and what that means for us in the Christian life.


November 28th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: The Best Combination Ever

There are some great combinations in this world, but nothing beats love teamed with joy. We'll discuss why joy and love are the best combination ever and how to secure them forever. Blessings to you!


November 21st, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Thanksgiving and Purpose

Everyone needs a purpose in this life, and thankfully God has given a very significant purpose to every single child of His. We will discuss this incredibly important purpose and how it should drive us to be thankful for it and to utilize it. Hope it's a blessing to you!


November 14th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Tests

There are tests all over this world, some of them we pass, and some we fail. There are several spiritual tests John gives us through the book of 1 John and these tests are for our eternal welfare. We'll discuss what it means to pass and fail these tests and what it will take to pass the final, ultimate test at Judgment Day. Blessings!


November 7th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: God’s Seed

Have we actually been saved and been made a child of God or have we only learned how to behave in Christian circles and yet still practicing sin? We'll discuss this very important topic. Blessings to you!


October 31st, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Supplements

Supplements can be truly helpful, both physically and spiritually, but in order to be healthy, we need the True Nourishment. We'll discuss the difference in this episode from 1 John 2. 


October 24th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Abiding Forever

Everything ends in this life, nothing lasts for long. That's a sad reality of this world, but it's so comforting to know that following Christ changes that reality. We'll look at the abiding desires of doing the will of God. Hope it's a blessing to you!


October 16th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: Eternal Regret?

Have you ever regretted doing something? How about NOT doing something? Regrets happen and they're unfortuntate to be sure. But nothing could be of greater regret than neglecting to love as the pattern of our lives. We'll discuss this idea from 1 John 2:8. Blessings!


October 10th, 2018    

Sermon Extras: God’s Perfected Love

We'll study how we can know we have God's perfected love in oure lives. It's not our perfection, but His that we need. It's such a warm promise. We hope this blesses you!


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